I’m a sucker for bookshops


I’m a sucker for bookshops and one of my favourites, Booksabilia (in Victoria Pk, WA), is holding a closing down sale. Irresistible of course, and a week ago I came out with my wallet $100 lighter and the pile of unread books by my bed higher by another 10 books. But such books! Captain Cook’s Voyages with the flyleaf dated 1898, The Diaries of Miles Franklin, a first edition Georgette Heyer, Royal Escape, three other Georgette Heyers in hardback, and some Australians including David Ireland’s Unknown Industrial Prisoner, his best I think, and my copy of which I lost in one of my many moves.

I generally have a book for while I’m away, currently Les Miserables, and one for those infrequent days I spend at home, where I’m rereading Alan Wearne’s The Nightmarkets, and they are holding me up. Most recently the unread pile has been decreased by a couple of Elizabeth Harrowers, one of the great “discoveries” of recent times, but meanwhile and unbelievably the latest William Gibson has sat untouched since xmas, along with half a dozen books by pre-war Australian women, any number of books which I could not leave on booksellers’ shelves, and Finnegan’s Wake which may have to wait until I retire.

5 thoughts on “I’m a sucker for bookshops

  1. Now all I have to do is read it. Before then though, and for my own interest I will check out the mother hen of Australian writers, Nettie Palmer’s letters for mentions of Cronin.


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