Everyone in my family reads

Everyone in my family reads. I grew up surrounded by books as did my kids and now my grandkids and we all read and were or are read to at every opportunity. And if you were to ask why do I read, the answer would be because I can’t not. I would find it unimaginable to be in a doctor or dentist’s surgery or on a train or broken down in the bush without a supply of books and magazines. So Jane Rawson’s post on books for indigenous kids struck a chord, and I have enrolled, and will sponsor, all of us in Jane’s readathon team to read two or three books from their TBR piles or, after some negotiating, books which I think should be in their TBRs. The books are as follows:

Me: Les Miserables, V. Hugo, The Nightmarkets, A. Wearne, The Peripheral, W. Gibson

(ex-)Mrs Legend: Gormenghast series, M. Peake

Daughter 1: A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists, J. Rawson, Heat and Light, E. van Neerven

Son: Loaded, C. Tsiolkas, Monkey Grip, H. Garner

Daughter 2: The Honey Flow, Kylie Tennant, The Bond of Wedlock, Rosa Praed.

Granddaughter 1 (grade 6): A Little Bush Maid, Mary Grant Bruce. She’s been reading Anne of Green Gables, progressing to sequels I didn’t even know existed until I had to buy them for her last birthday, so we might get her started on a new series.

All three of the kids, in their thirties now, are both working (or single parenting) and undertaking further study at university so it was an effort to divert them from easy reading – respectively Fantasy, SF and Romance – to something more challenging, but they’ll thank me one day!

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