The List, part 2

Catherine Helen Spence
Catherine Helen Spence

The List (here) is all the independent Australian women who made an appearance in my dissertation, 5 years or so ago now, and two or three more I have come across since. The criterion is of course women who made their way without or despite husbands in the years up to the sexual revolutions of the 1960s, and I have added writers who argue in the same vein.

To be honest I was attempting to create a page which would be visible ‘above the line’ – with About and so on. Perhaps I should read the manual, anyway I’ll try and minimise the disruption.

15 Aug 2016: I have updated the list and (finally) put it in the top line menu with About.

As I go on with this blog I will continue to review as much early Australian women’s fiction as I can lay my hands on. Catherine Helen Spence’s Clara Morrison (1854) and Mary Gaunt’s Kirkham’s Find (1897) are two of many which have spent too long in the TBR. And I will do what I can to publicize the profiles of the women in the list and to make the case for the Independent Woman as a valid and equal ideal alongside the Lone Hand/Independent Bushman/Brave Anzac so often called on by politicians as the only standard of Australianness.

I mostly read book reviews, and especially the ABR, while I’m at work (unloading tankers involves a lot of standing around doing nothing). I bookmark, write on scraps of paper, promise to remember women who should be on my list, and promptly forget them. So please remind me.

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