In the Mist of the Mountains, Ethel Turner

Australian Women Writers Gen 2 Week 13-19 Jan. 2019


Brona of Brona’s Books has reviewed and enjoyed this little known novel by Ethel Turner, the author of the much loved classic, Seven Little Australians. Brona mentions that Turner is the same age as and was at school, Sydney Girls High, with Louise Mack and that Ethel and her older sister Lillian produced a school newspaper in competition with one produced by Mack. I will post a review of Mack’s fictionalised account of that school year, Teens, later this week.

178d3c9b3c81ff378159e63c4ba1500a.jpg  Brona’s Books

Thanks to Bill @The Australian Legend’s Australian Women Writer’s Gen II Week I have read my very first ebook from start to finish.

As with almost everything in my life at the last moment, I left it to the minute to prepare for Bill’s Gen II week, even though I’ve known about it for months. I really enjoyed reading my first Ada Cambridge story, Sisters, for last year’s Gen I event, so I didn’t want to miss out. But with only days to spare, I realised that I had no unread AWW Gen II books on my shelf. Anything I did select would have to be easily sourced and a short story if I was going to have any chance of reading & reviewing it in time. Read on …

8 thoughts on “In the Mist of the Mountains, Ethel Turner

  1. I’m one who can’t comment on Brona’s blog, so I’ll say it here: I loved reading her review! I always like it when I read a review by someone coming fresh to an author… I can almost feel Brona’s excitement at discovering Ethel Turner (thanks to you).
    Not having had an Australian childhood, I never read Seven Little Australians, though I used to show the first episode of the ABC TV series to my students. (It was excellent for showing ‘life in the past’.)

    The title is clever, from a marketing PoV. Wikipedia says it was originally called Seven Pickles so I assume the English publisher changed it so that it would appeal as exotic to readers in England while also appealing as a story of our own here in Australia.


    • Brona’s blog is more or less difficult depending on which gmail account I have open, but I’m slowly finding it friendlier. I’m glad readers are discovering new old Oz writers. They don’t get the respect that similar Brit and US writers do.


      • Yes, I know it’s because I don’t play in the Google sandpit. Perhaps it’s part of a grand Machiavellian strategy to make us sell our digital souls to Google…


      • I’m sure there is one! I stayed with Windows phones for years, but now they’ve pulled out of that space, I’m forced to use a Google (Android) one. Every day it tries to trick me into disclosing my location – which I’m sure it stores whether I ‘permit; it or not. And governments are too owned to stop carriers reading our emails, which in a different age would have been seen as outrageous – “tampering with the mails” is still an offence in the US, just doesn’t apply to Google (or Microsoft).


      • It’s very annoying that so many spammers can get past the filters and cache issues that plague many of my blogger friends when trying to comment on my blog. I had a delete all anon comments policy, but now they’re using made up names to get past that filter!! And blogger doesn’t allow blocking of ind. accounts. But since I’ve been having trouble with wp comments the past couple of weeks, I feel a little vindicated 🙂


    • I’m glad SLA became the chosen name – SP would have been far more obscure.
      I loved that series too Lisa & had a couple of personal connections to it in later years (I talked about that in my post on SLA a number of years ago).

      In the Mist of the Mountains was delightful. An easy, charming read that wore it’s love of the Australian way of life proudly on its sleeve.

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