Not Writing, Truckin’

Journal: 061

Last trip was meant to be my last trip for the year. Milly was insisting that I be in WA in time to get my mandatory 14 days isolation out of the way before the family sat down to Xmas dinner. After years of FIFO Xmases in early January, she chose this one to be on the day!

But Homer had freight to move and he knew I was a soft touch. Last Monday we calculated that I could get to Perth, unload, reload, have a 24 hour break, be back in Melbourne early this week, unload, reload and still be back at the WA border by the last possible day, Thu 10 Dec.

So far, I’m on time. But not much time for blogging!

The photo is of me coming in through north west Victoria yesterday evening. I chose it so that Jackie (Death by Tsundoku) could see “My Brilliant (?) Career” above the visor. If she is not otherwise occupied.

Anyway, this is just to let you all know I am still in the land of the living and will resume posting just as soon as I’m home with my feet up. I hope you all have a book ready to read and review for AWW Gen 3 Week Prt II 17-23 Jan, 2021. I hope I do.

30 thoughts on “Not Writing, Truckin’

  1. I hope you make it Bill, but don’t take risks to do so, will you. There’s always another Christmas, and one day you might, just might, retire even!

    I certainly hope to join AWW Gen 3 Pt II. Only – hmm – something like a pandemic would make me miss it!


    • No pandemic in Canberra, though it does make one nervous to be in an island in a sea of plague. Imagine the panic if this one had been Ebola or the Black Death. Imagine if we’d had Trump for Ebola instead of Obama.


      • True… we have been a bit nervous over the last few months, given we’re not surrounded by sea like Tassie or sea and desert like WA, but clearly systems or something have worked.


  2. BTW I’ve forgotten how we distinguish Part I from Part II. Was it Social Realism for Part I and Modernism for Part II? Or? I’m still trying to work out who/what I read. I think we are including Harrower? Sorry, but I’m clearly still a bit discombobulated in my life.


    • I forget my original intention. So we’ll do both, pre war and post war.

      My thought has always been that the 50s belong more with the 30s and 40s than with the 60s. But where that puts Harrower, Astley (and Keneally and White) I’m not sure. You’ll just have to justify whichever stance you take, and I’ll do some research just as soon as all my gear is with the appropriate mechanics.


  3. I am hoping to have Coonardoo… I’ve read it, and I’ve written most of the review, but I need to check something that Larissa Behrendt says in Finding Eliza, and someone in the queue ahead of me at the library hasn’t even picked it up yet…
    I’ve got another one on reserve at a different library and I should have heard about that one by now and haven’t, so I’m not happy…not happy at all!


  4. Thanks for sharing a photo of your truck! That’s a great shot, too. I love your eye for photography. Do you call your truck by any specific name when you refer to it? My Brilliant (?) Career is quite a mouthful. My mind immediately went to all those fancy-bred show dogs who have names like Sir Wilmont Puffington Aster Mousedoodle, but everyone just calls him Willy.

    Good luck making it in time for your quarantine! I won’t lie – of all the years to try and make the holiday work, this might just be the one. It’s been such a hard year… I hope you can end it on a positive note!

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    • I get lots of practice photographing my truck, to record the loads (I tell myself) and it’s an effort to make each one look different.
      My last job was in a fleet where trucks where often referred to by name, mine was Buffalo, but MBC just goes by ‘truck’.
      I hope things are going well with you. You were still blogging and farming last time I checked when you should be in bed with your feet up.

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      • I like that. You must have quite a few photos of your truck then, Bill! Well, ‘truck’ it is, though I’ll probably refer to the truck as MB?C fairly often now that I know. 😉

        No baby yet. Fingers crossed she comes soon. I’m impatient to meet her! And you’re right… I’m definitely pushing myself too hard. But it’s difficult to change years worth of habits, you know? I’m not good at slowing down…


    • I’m (sort of) embarrassed to say I have my name on my truck in 6 places and if I get round to painting my trailers that could bring it up to 10. Then of course there’s the possibility of custom mudflaps ..
      And thanks, I hope to cross into WA late tonight.

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      • That’s interesting. I work for a hub of car dealerships and it’s just something I noticed and wondered if it was a “local” thing. Personalised number plates are too expensive in the UK for people to bother much…


      • Not particularly expensive, $300 maybe, and I was poor last time I owned a truck and this time I have the opportunity to do it just right. Well, better anyway, there’s a lot further I could go with painting and pinstriping and chrome, but I’d better leave something to retire on.

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  5. It’s nice to see your truck and a great picture. I hope all the truck gods smile on you and you get to keep to your schedule. We still don’t really know what’s happening at Christmas, but it’s probably us two and the pussycats and a BIG pile of books.


    • They smiled. I was running with a serious air leak (most truck systems are controlled by compressed air) which I thought might do in my compressor. But here I am at home and on Tuesday the mechanics can tell me what the funny noise is – something expensive, it always is.

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    • Plans? What plans? Crossed fingers and a mad dash that worked out far better than I had any right to expect. I’m home. I’m unloaded. I’ve spent a night in my own bed. Milly might squeeze in a visit on Sunday. All’s well with (my corner of) the world.


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