The Pea Pickers, Eve Langley

Australian Women Writers Gen 3 Week, Part II, 17-23 Jan. 2021

Brona of Brona’s Books has set herself an ambitious schedule for AWW Gen 3 Week for which I am extremely grateful. First up she has written about one of my favourite authors, Eve Langley, and her first and most famous novel.

178d3c9b3c81ff378159e63c4ba1500a Brona’s Books

My first illness was that one most common to the children of the poor…a bad education and, like the bite of a goanna, it was incurable and ran for years.

Ethel Jane (Eve) Langley was born in Forbes on the 1st September 1904. After her father, Arthur died in 1915, her mother, Myra moved her small family back to Victoria…

In 1924, Eve and her sister June … travelled and worked around the Gippsland countryside as farm labourers and pickers for the next four years. She kept a diary during this whole time of her doings, her thoughts, poems and stories. Read on …

7 thoughts on “The Pea Pickers, Eve Langley

  1. The Pea-Pickers sounds wonderful; that first quote Brona shared got me. What’s interesting is this novel must not have a lot of attention anymore. When I Google it, the first several posts that come up are from you, Sue, and a website called “neglectedbooks.”

    Looks like The Pea-Pickers can be got as an e-book fairly easily, though.


    • That’s terrible! If I’m Eve Langley’s last hope I must write more about her. The Pea Pickers is often recognised as one of the great Australian novels and yet so few people bother to read it. I hope you do. It is well worth the effort.


  2. OIC, at first I thought it was some coincidence that you and Brona were both reading the same book! I’ve already left a comment on her site; this wasn’t a book I recognised at first glance, but I probably should have.


    • I was going to say I hadn’t seen a comment, but of course ‘comment moderation’. I like doing a post a day for my week, whether mine, guest or repost. It seems to work ok. Though of course, given our relatively small circle of active bloggers it does create some doubling up.


    • BIP (or should that be Ms Print) I’ve read and enjoyed your Dark post. I’m in the enviable position of having more contributions than there are days in the week. Next up I must post a review of my own, but the day after (probably) I have something in mind which I think will work quite well.

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