The Whispering Wall, Patricia Carlon

AWW Gen 4 Week, 16-23 Jan 2022

Reviews always come with a rush at the end of each Week but I’m especially pleased that Jessica White has come up with yet another new-to-me author, Patricia Carlon, who lived all her life with a secret, that she was profoundly deaf. Jess has written a memoir of her own deafness, Hearing Maud (2019), and also, I think two novels, of which I have read, enjoyed and reviewed A Curious Intimacy (2007).

b3b36-1547902858907 Jessica White

It was a happy result that I downloaded The Whispering Wall, because it was an excellent book. I came across Patricia Carlon (1927 – 2002) when putting together the Writing Disability in Australia database – Catriona Mills, now Acting Director of Austlit, pointed it out to me. Carlon wrote fourteen novels between 1961 and 1970 (often 2 in one year! I’m averaging one every 6 years), and after her death it became known that she had been profoundly deaf since age 11. Read on …

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