Ride on Stranger, Kylie Tennant

We’ve been doing quite a bit of Tennant on my other gig, the Australian Women Writers Challenge; most recently a reflection on Tiburon and what it had to say about NSW teacher education by Emeritus Prof. Jo-Anne Reid (here) followed by an extract from Tiburon (here), with an excellent illustration by Norman Lindsay; and this week, a rehash of my thoughts about Ride on Stranger, which Elizabeth has chosen to follow with an extract from “Camden Morrisby, A novelist I know: Kylie Tennant” (here).

Looking for a cover to go with this piece I chose the popular at the time (1979) ABC TV series. The principal actors were:
Liddy Clark, Shannon
Noni Hazlehurst, Beryl
Michael Aitkens, John Terry
So, is that Clark and Aitkens above? It looks to me like a young Noni Hazlehurst, the guy I have no idea.

Kylie Tennant (1912-1988) was, like Katherine Sussanah Prichard, an early member of the Communist Party of Australia, although not for long, and was soon at loggerheads with them over her depiction of the communist apparatchik Charteris in Ride on Stranger. Nevertheless, she remained committed to the depiction of the plight of working people in general and working women in particular .. Read on …

4 thoughts on “Ride on Stranger, Kylie Tennant

    • Her heart certainly was. My opinion is that Tennant is the writer Miles Franklin might have been if she didn’t have so many hang-ups (But, on the other hand, MF wanted to be a Writer and I think Tennant was happy to be a story teller).

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