Taboo, Kim Scott

Yet the biggest, the dominant issue in Australian Lit. is clearly what it means to be an Australian in this land we whites stole from its Indigenous inhabitants


Benang, Kim Scott

Benang is a great, swirling, discursive voyage of discovery; of a young man brought up White uniting the documentary evidence collated by his White grandfather with the family histories revealed to him over the course of the novel by his Black uncles; of a family raped and pillaged, figuratively and literally, by white settlers, by … Continue reading Benang, Kim Scott

That Deadman Dance, Kim Scott

Well, it’s taken me a while to get to Kim Scott’s That Deadman Dance (2010), but it was worth it and his earlier Benang is beside me in the TBR so now I suppose I must read that too. In fact I listened, rather than read, to the mellifluous tones of Humphrey Bower who, for … Continue reading That Deadman Dance, Kim Scott

We were not here first

Journal: 012 We were not here first. It seems self-evident now and was in fact acknowledged by writers from Watkin Tench onwards. Unfortunately though, our behaviour and in particular our legal system, was based on the conflicting ideas that there was no one here in 1788; or that there was but their perceived failure to … Continue reading We were not here first