The starting point for discussions of Australianness has long been Russell Ward’s The Australian Legend (1958) with its account of the myth of the Lone Hand, from which women are almost entirely absent. Even in the subsequent Pioneer myth, women have only a subsidiary role. This absence of women has often been decried, but any reading of the large body of literature by and about Australian women, particularly in the first half of the 20th Century, clearly demonstrates that a case can be made for a parallel myth, the Independent Woman, who makes her way without, and often despite, men.

The above is an extract from my M.Litt dissertation.

The author, Bill Holloway, is an old white guy with degrees in Accountancy, Logistics and Literature, living the Lone Hand myth as a road train driver in the deserts of Western Australia.

Contact address: theaustralianlegend@gmail.com

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  2. Have you thought of entering the Australian Women Writers Challenge? You don’t have to commit to writing many reviews by Australian women writers – I haven’t this year but I have exceeded my low expectations of myself. I am sure that the bloggers involved in the Challenge would enjoy hearing your views.

    Coincidentally I also worked as an accountant, but I drifted into public relations then into history.


    • I had ‘thought’ but have done nothing about it. I commented to Sue/ Whispering Gums recently that I’m up to 16 women (9 men) writer reviews this year. I’ll follow your link thanks and have another look.


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