The Orchard Thieves, Elizabeth Jolley

AWW Gen 4 Week, 16-23 Jan 2022

As someone whose adopted home is Western Australia I have very fond feelings for Elizabeth Jolley who emigrated from England, made WA her home, and became one of Australia’s most loved authors. I wouldn’t attempt to apply any isms to her writing, but she wrote throughout the Gen 4 period and she wrote beautifully. Kimbofo, who has also made her home in WA, has reviewed one of Jolley’s later novels.

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The orchard thieves of the title of Elizabeth Jolley’s 1997 novella aren’t bad people stealing fruit trees but two little boys who pinch fruit to gobble up when they are staying at their grandmother’s house.

This rather delightfully told story is essentially about inheritance and taking what you think is rightfully yours — perhaps prematurely – Read on …

3 thoughts on “The Orchard Thieves, Elizabeth Jolley

  1. Hey, I thought I commented on this yesterday… this is the second time one of my comments has vanished…
    I loved this book, and I love this hardback edition too, so beautifully published in a way that’s rare these days.


    • What will we do if WP falls to pieces?
      I thought my Lovesong might be the same hardback edition, but it has no cover art – or maybe and I don’t think so, has a missing dustjacket.


      • I’m not sure now, but I think that I used first editions for the slideshow that’s on my Jolley page. Most of them were published by UQP in paperback. The Orchard Thieves (1995) was published by Viking., and Goodreads says that Lovesong was in hardback and none of the ones for sale at AbeBooks have a dustjacket. Maybe it never had one.

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